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GUILTY.Verdict passed.As this is announced you hear cheerful screams ,claps and whistles and yet a few feet behind you tears gush down from someone who knows a different you.As the sentence is handed down you know that for the rest of your life , convict becomes your new identity.You can be an ex convict orContinue reading “NOW THAT YOU CONVICTED🤔”

A CRY OF..101 Years

101 years later – The world is obligated to live within the comfort of a pandemic – to wear masks. It was on the 4th of March at a private army station at fort Riley , Kansas that the first influenza case was recorded.As word spread peope lived in fear.Others murmured , neighbors wondered ,Continue reading “A CRY OF..101 Years”

Dear World

The world is not kind..The world does not often smile..There are but a million feelings that we go through in a day as humans.I am not able to literally hug everyone in the world but i hope that by writing and sharing my thoughts – I bring hope to the one feeling gloom , lostContinue reading “Dear World”

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